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Friday, May 11, 2007


I’ve gotten use to entering BGs manually, so I’m only mildly annoyed now by the fact that I can’t use the BD Link meter as it was intended to be used.

In fact, I like the slimmer ParaPump so much more than my fat ‘ol CoZmo, that I’d say it was a fair trade on that basis alone.

Now that I’m in control of the calibration sticks the CGM is purring like a kitten. Finger sticks are so close to the readout on ParaPump that it is plum scary. Most of the time the finger sticks are with in 5-10 BG points of the SG (sensor glucose); except for during times of rapid hypos.

The MedT infusion sets are doing a great job too. My BG swings have settled down unbelievably. When I’m careful about what I eat, I can live days “between the lines.” Nuthin below 85 and nuthin above 200. Of course that assumes the Devil (or my sweet loving boss) doesn’t tempt me with brownies. Or mini Twix bars. Or home-made lemon cake, Danish wedding cookies, tootsie pops, dried pineapple, doughnuts, or….. well, you get the idea.


Blogger Bernard said...

I found the BD meter useless in every way, including in obtaining data from the pump.

I'm surprised that MiniMed hasn't informed users how they're going to replace this very weak link in the data chain.

Does this mean you can't get any of the CGM data from the system?

5:06 PM  
Blogger Christine said...

If you don't mind entering bg's manually, and you want a slimmer pump, why not take the cozmonitor off the cozmo? I don't use my cozmonitor, and my friend has a paradigm, and my pump is very similar in size.

6:01 PM  
Blogger Jenny said...

Tommy and I have a different BD complaint. We have just reordered the BD strips from the new supplier and they come in a gigantic cannister. They don't fit in any of his kits.

Hey, word from our MMrep is that the new sensors won't need to be kept in your refrig anymore. More space in the refrig. for ???

4:53 AM  

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