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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The shape of stupidity

You gotta be fucking kidding me. My BG is 358? How can that be? It’s still dark, my alarm set to go off in five more minutes. It is my routine morning calibration check, I haven’t even looked at the girl yet.

I run my hands under my sheet until I find the box. Pressing the two outside buttons at the same time lights up my 6 hour screen with a blue-green glow. The SG plot looks like a glacier cut valley, soft and round like a very flat “u.”

The peak on the left side, at bed time, was the result of two many pieces of Deb’s famous home made pizza. Crust from scratch. Alfredo sauce. Bits of soft tender streak, vine ripe organic tomatoes, bell pepper and red onion. Baby swiss and mozzarella cheese, just barely turning brown. Oh my God…

I took 11 units of Humalog for an estimated 110 carbs. It wasn’t nearly enough. At bed time I took 6 more units as I topped 400 and my Guardian cheerfully advised me that my SG was “above 400.”



My stupid fault.

But why the mystery nocturnal rise? The correction got me down into the 180s. I stayed there for hours and then started to climb. Way too many hours later to be the second-stage surge in carbs from the fat-delay of pizza.

Nagging thought……did I? Could I? Surely I didn’t?

Did I forget to take my basal shot of Levemir at bed time?

I clearly remember taking the correction. But the daily shot…. Hard to remember if you remembered to do something you do all the time. Or are supposed to do all the time. Takes 30 days to develop a habit, good or bad. This is day four on shots.

If I did forget, my between meal numbers today will be bad. But if I take a half shot now, and I DID take my shot last night It’ll be hypo city today. Better to run high and safe for one day.

But this is for sure, I damn well won’t forget tonight.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You gotta make a chart, and put little gold stars for your Levimir. Link it to your other bedtime rituals like brushing your teeth. Just an idea...

7:57 PM  
Blogger Don Pirolo said...

I tried the chart and didn't always remember to mark it. Now I have a plastic container with six compartments, one for each day (sat and sun in the same compartment). Load it up with a weeks worth of syringes on Sunday night. If the syringe for that day is still in the container I obviously haven't taken the shot yet. The other thing is, make sure that you keep the long-acting insulin far away from the short-acting (as in different rooms). It's not a good feeling at 11:00pm to be thinking "Did I take the lantus or did I screw up and take humalog?"

8:35 PM  

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