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Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Another high blood pressure moment

So I’m reading the morning AP news online before going to the clinic. The article is about the President’s upcoming speech on health care reform. At the very end, almost as a side note is the following:

In one measure of the intense opposition Obama and his allies faced this summer, opponents of the Democratic effort outspent supporters on television commercials in August for the first time this year, according to a company that monitors political advertising. Foes of the Democratic drive spent $12.1 million last month, compared with $9.1 million for backers of the effort…


OK. My clinic’s entire budget is just shy of three million dollars per year. That means three million bucks bucks covers the salaries and benefits of our providers, dentists, nurses, managers, support staff, finance people, and the diabetes guy. (Not that he costs much.)

The three mil also pays for our ambulance service, buys replacement equipment, all of our medical supplies, keeps the lights and heat on, pays for hazardous waste disposal, electronic medical record software licenses, and lab tests. From band-aids to copy machine toner, three mil covers all of our bills for a year.

And the folks who want to stop health care reform just pissed away over 12 million in a single month?

That money could have run four health centers for a full year.

And that 12 mil forced the other side to piss away over nine mil, or three more clinics.

Don’t forget, that is just what was spent in the month of August. It shows just how much money there is to be made by keeping the status quo. If opponents are spending this much, you can imagine the level of investment that they are protecting. Billions are lining the pockets of the folks who want to keep things they way they are.

It is literally blood money. They are profiting on death and illness. We used to be a great county, a great society.

How did it come to this?


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