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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

The Guardian Speaks

Whoa! What was that?! It sounded like a cross between an air-raid siren and a winning hand on my wife’s hand-held poker game. My belt is vibrating too. Ah, the Guardian speaks... I forgot to mention you can set it for noise, vibrate, or both. Naturally, being a guy who wants it all I chose booth. (Seriously, I prefer vibrate... but at night I want a noise to wake me up. It’s crowded enough in bed with the pump, the wife, and sometimes the kid. The Guardian will just have to sleep on the night stand by herself.)

I slip the little beauty off my belt to see what all the ruckus is about. A high BG alarm! My first alarm! It really works!!! I’ve been hooked up less than eight hours and it’s already intercepted a problem!

BG 202, she tells me. I confirm with a finger stick using the CoZmonitor. It calls the game at 209. Damn, that’s really good. They are very, very close. Medtronic sure has a winner with this system! I take a 0.55 unit correction, reduced for IOB (insulin on board--Cozmo speak). I set the snooze alarm for one hour. A snooze alarm? you ask. Yes, another clever gift from the Medtronic engineers. There is snooze alarm option on high BGs. Why? Well, it takes time to fix a high. You don’t want your Guardian squawking at you every five minutes while you are trying to come back down, now do you?


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