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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Day planner Disaster

6am: alarm goes off. Become ambulatory with great effort. Not a morning person by nature or nurture. Bush teeth. Shave. Shower. Change infusion set and pump battery. Dress, turn on coffee pot, quick breakfast.

7am: depart for work.

8pm: arrive at clinic. Hectic work day. 30 minutes for lunch. The rest of the day a frantic, but interesting blur.

6pm: leave work.

Drive to Sam's club for one little thing. Hmmmmm.....gas in Santa Fe only $3.04 a gallon. Whatthefuck did I just say? They've got me so numb to high gas prices that I'm actually thinking three bucks a gallon is a deal. At one end of my commute it is $3.14 and at the other $3.19

One little thing at Sam’s turns into $98.97, of course.

Rendezvous with Deb and Rio for dinner. Slow but fun. Depart Santa Fe at 9:30 pm. Rain slows down the trip home. We've been so desperately dry I don't care.

11pm: arrive home. Make coffee, lay-out clothes, weigh breakfast cereal for tomorrow. Find stuff for sensor change.

11:30pm: Deb and Rio arrive home, bringing the rain with them. In tennis shoes and underwear, carrying umbrella, I dash out to rescue the sleeping child. Strong wind leaves me soaked to skin and wakes up said child.

Midnight: collapse into bed.

FOOT CRAMPS!!!!!!!!! Charley-horse level pain. Every toe and the entire top of foot. Rubbing no help. Take calcium, vitamin E, valium, and Advil. No luck. I end up standing on toes, head leaning against wall.

12:3am: back to bed.

3am: woken by crying child. Hot. Needs water.

3:15am: return to bed

6am: alarm goes off. Become ambulatory with great effort. Not a morning person by nature or nurture...........

Sorry I haven't been posting. 40 hours a week at clinic. 30 hours per week at lab. Not much time at the moment...But I promise to carve out a few minutes soon!


Blogger Scott K. Johnson said...

Oh man! Ouch!

No worries on the posting thing man! Post what you can when you can, and don't even give it a spare brain cell any other time.

2:35 PM  

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