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Saturday, September 22, 2007

Thieves like us

Date line—Pueblo Colorado
Shortly after dark

We idled slowly up the street, using only our parking lights, creeping along inches from the curb. Rio distracted with Sponge Bob on portable DVD; his mother and I prepared to commit a crime.

We paused midway between the Hampton Inn and the MicroTel Inn & Suites. I scrunched down in my seat, hiding behind our tinted windows, no light but the dim glow of the lap-top balanced on my knee.

Yep. We’re trying to steal internet to upload a post to my blog.

I hack in to the Hampton’s wireless network with a reckless criminal glee. So this is what it is like to be an anarchist! I kinda like it.

“We’re in!” I whisper.

“In what?” asks Rio

“NOTHING,” simultaneous from both parents.

Ahhh, but the Hampton has outsmarted me, while their network is unsecured, they’ve got me firewalled. “Damn,” I say, “they want the code from our room key.”

I could try a couple of random numbers and letters, but it is unlikely I’d get lucky. I’m sure real hackers would not be stymied so easily.

I review the other wireless networks in range and connect to the MicoTel network. My homepage fills the screen. Success! I log on to blogger and go straight to my dashboard and upload.


As I slam my lap top shut, two construction worker-types with open bottles of Corona beer pull up and get out of their van. We exchange guilty glances. Everyone is breaking the law tonight.

I stash my laptop behind my seat, turn on the headlights and make our get-a-way, speeding off into the night wild night, lightning dancing across the horizon. A thief in the night, the highwayman of the internet.

A little larceny is good for the heart now and again.


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You're such a rebel Wil...


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