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Saturday, December 04, 2010

The Saturday Share #3

Did you know that health topics are the number one internet search item, outstripping even porn? Uh… pardon the Freudian slip there...

So to do my part in trying to keep internet health information correct I’ve been two-timing my blog by writing over at
Sharecare were I am one of their “Experts” answering diabetes questions posted by readers.

I’m having a blast, and I’ve decided that every week I’m going to share one of my favorite questions with you here.

Sharecare Question: What is the right dosage of Lantus for patient with glucose reading of 200?

My “Expert” answer: Whoa! Hold it! Stop! Set down the syringe, back away, and no one gets hurt.

Lantus is in no way, shape, or form the right medication to fix a single high blood sugar. Lantus is a time release insulin that works a little at a time over 24 hours. It’s designed to create a good solid foundation for your diabetes control. Using it to try and fix a high would be like using napalm to kill mosquitoes.

High blood sugars can be lowered with fast-acting injections. Instead of working slowly over an entire day, fast insulins start working in 20 minutes, peak in two hours, and are gone and out of your system in four hours. How much you would need to take to fix a 200 is highly variable and depends on what type of diabetic you are, when you last ate, what your other medications are, how heavy you are, and whether the moon is in Mercury or Mars.

Fast-acting, used right, is a great med and does a great job. Talk to your doctor about whether fast-acting insulin is right for you.

But you don’t use a machete when a scalpel is required.

You can check out other Expert’s answers to this question, and my answers to many more questions by going here:

Then select the “Answers” tab near the top left.


Blogger Reyna said...

Wil!!! YOU.CRACK.ME.UP! I love the way you handled this questions. Machete...Scalpel...Now that is good colorfully descriptive ADVICE!

11:59 AM  

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