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Thursday, October 04, 2012

Sex and drugs and rock and roll

Oh. Wait. I didn’t write about rock and roll. But I did write about sex and drugs for the supersite Diabetes Mine recently. Specifically, about the drugs one might use to have sex while avoiding procreation so you can stick with rock and roll rather than an unexpected rock-a-by-baby.

And being… um… you know, male… I had no idea how complicated the whole subject of contraception is for my diabetic sisters. There are pills of assorted types. Devices of assorted types. And patches and foams and rings and…

Holy cow. And each of these options carries its own unique set of risk factors for FWDs (Females With Diabetes). After extensive research—not that kind of research—I complied a fairly complete list of birth control options for my d-Sisters along with the diabetes-unique risk factors that each method comes with.

Read all about it here.


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