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Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Saturday Share #14

Doing my part to keep internet diabetes information fun and accurate I’ve been two-timing my blog by answering reader’s questions over at Sharecare as one of their “Experts.”

I’m having a blast, and I’ve decided that every week I’m going to share one of my favorite questions with you here.

Sharecare Question: How can I get my husband to check his blood sugar?

My “Expert” answer: Ahhhhh… now that is a tricky one! I love these kinds of questions! OK, it’s clear to me that he doesn’t check his blood sugar, and it's also clear that you understand that it’s important that he does.

In a perfect world we’d get him on the couch with Freud and find out what his malfunction is. Of course Freud is dead. Who else can we use? Have you asked him what the issue is?

You might have, of course. But if you haven’t asked yet, you should. There might be a good reason, or at least a reason that seems good to him. I need to remind everyone that men and women think differently, and even if you don’t agree with the other gender’s view, it doesn’t make it less valid. So if he gives you a reason that seems silly to you, you need to bite your tongue, respect his view and help him to find a solution.

Now people don’t test for lots of reasons. A common one, is that if you haven’t been properly trained to do it, it can hurt. Hey, no one likes pain. If he’s finding the testing painful look to the lancing device. Most have variable depth settings. The perfect setting is one right between the swearing-like-a-sailor depth and the milking-the-finger-and-praying-for-blood depth. The idea is to get a small drop of blood with little or no discomfort and with little need to squeeze the finger. It may simply be that his depth is set too deeply.

Generally, larger numbers mean deeper lancing. Now, still on the pain theme, when was the last time anyone changed the little needle in the lancing device? Oh? Back when you changed the smoke detector batteries? So the folks that sell the needles want you to use a fresh one every time. Most of us don’t, and I don’t see any need to change that often. But they will get dull and you do need the change them. It depends on how tough your hide is, but a lance can get from 5 to 25 tests.

Another common reason that people don’t test is they haven’t been given any knowledge to use with the numbers. If he is only on oral meds he may feel he’s helpless to change his numbers. He’d not. He can study how various foods and activities change his blood sugar. It is a game. A puzzle to be solved. A battle to be won.

And if he’s just a stubborn old coot you can resort to any of the following: appeal to sense of loyalty (do it for me); bribe him (do it for something in the bedroom); or threaten him (do it or I’m outta here).

You can check out other Expert’s answers to this question, and my answers to many more questions by going here:

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Hi Edward. I think you´ve been blessed by our Lord, because your Diabetics is your cross but at the same time it bring you the opportunity to help many other people with you message of hope. Keep going!

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