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Saturday, December 17, 2005

I've never done this before....

I’m shaving my leg. Yes you heard me right. Or maybe you didn’t. I’m not shaving my legs. Just one leg. Actually, only part of one leg. The reason is that I’m running out of stomach. Let me elaborate....

The sensor, transmitter, and the three IV3000 bandages take up a lot of landscape. My stomach isn’t that big (I’m not bragging, that’s just the way it is). If I get too far to the right it is uncomfortable sleeping, and if I get to far left I’m closing in on the belly button. Too far down the belt line gets in the way, too far up it is uncomfortable on the rib cage when I sit down. To top that all off, I’m trying to give my skin a break between hosting stints.

So fellow Guardian user, and LifeAfterDx reader, Meg inspired me to try placing a set on my upper thigh. She reports this works well for her. If it also works well for me then I can alternate the two sides of my stomach (note: the sensor insertion site is never in the same spot, but there are only so many places to tape down that transmitter) with my right and left legs. That gives me four locations and a good week’s rest for the skin between usages.

I’ve been pinching my self tonight, trying to reassure myself that there is some fat left on my leg. Well, it’s either a half inch of flabby muscle or fat. We’ll see how it goes in the morning. That will be sensor number 10.


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