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Wednesday, August 07, 2013

More real math

Snap won’t let me set a 65% temp rate, damn it. It’s making me choose between 63% and 69%. WTF?

Being the insulin-pumping super genius that I am, and being equipped with the latest and greatest in precision pumping equipment, I of course know exactly what I need in this temp rate: and I need precisely 65%. For those of you who have not had enough French Roast this morning, I’m being both facetious and sarcastic here. As we discussed the other day, the precision of our gear is bad, and the precision of our brains is still worse.

Unlike two days ago, today scientific precision is my enemy. Here’s the deal. Snap temp rates can only be set in 0.05-unit increments. So for instance, you could set a temp rate at 0.45u, 0.50u, 0.55u, 0.60u per hour and so forth. Right now, my basal flow is 0.8 units per hour. To get an actual 65% temp rate would require a 0.52 units per hour flow rate. Opps! Snap can’t do that. So I have to choose between rounding down to 0.5u (which would be the 63% temp rate); or rounding up to 0.55u (which would be the 69% temp rate).

So this time Snap is being precise and honest. And frankly, I’m finding that a huge pain in the ass. Life is hard enough without having to re-think everything I’ve done. Most likely, the other pumps let me enter my fantasy temp rate and just round it either up or down under the hood without telling me that’s what they are doing.

And I’m fine with that.

While I understand the purity of math from the engineering perspective, for me this is just one more reminder that I’m swimming in a sea of uncertainty, and that nothing is as real as I’d like to pretend it is.

Just give me my frickin’ 65%! Sometimes being in the dark is a good thing.

Tomorrow: Size really does matter


Blogger Mike Hoskins said...

This post made my brain hurt. Don't. Like. D-Math. Just to compensate, I'm going to SWAG something like an insulin dose.

4:23 PM  

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