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Monday, January 05, 2009

We the patients….

The French say the difference between them and us is that the French Government fears the people while here, the U.S. citizens fear the Government. I think that in recent years, that may be true, but neither reality is healthy.

But now we have something ever better than either approach to the balance of power above (knock on wood). It seems we have a new Government that genuinely wants to listen to the people. That makes this a very good time to use a tool that for years has been impotent: the petition.

If your government doesn’t really give a shit what you think, it doesn’t really matter how many of you think it. When a government is listening, and in fact, has invited comment, then there is great power in numbers.

So here is what has happened: in a nut shell the FDA has freaked out over recent research that may (or may not) connect D-meds to heart trouble. In a knee jerk over-reaction (my opinion) a new ruling has come down that will require big Parma to prove new D-meds are cardiac friendly before being approved. This will add not only a huge amount of time, but a huge amount of money to the approval process; you and I won’t get new treatments for much longer and we’ll pay much more.

And even with all of that, we won’t be any safer. The fact is, you really don’t know what the hell will happen with a med until you get a lot of people using it. Compounding the difficulty is that heart attacks are what kill diabetics in the first place….well, last place, actually. But what we need is stronger post-market tracking not more pre-market scrutiny.

A petition has been started that aims to collect 20,000 names asking the FDA to reconsider and further asking the FDA to create an end-users advisory panel made up not of PhD’s but Tom, Dick, and Janes who use the meds.

Anyway, my buddy Amy over at Diabetes Mine tipped me off to this today and I want to help spread the word. For Amy’s take on the issue go to:

I urge you to research this for yourself and if you agree, please sign the petition at:

It is pretty quick, easy, and painless. BUT, please, take the extra time to write just an sentence or two from the heart to personalize it. I signed in at #113. As of this post we are up to 217. They want 20K. Let’s give them 50K.

Your Government is listening. It is time to use your Voice.


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