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Thursday, March 15, 2012

And ten years makes it a decade.

Shortly before Rio was born, I asked my oldest sister, What’s it like to be a parent?

“Long days and short years,” was her answer.

Three thousand six hundred and fifty long days, and only ten short years later, I know that she really nailed her answer.

Today is my little boy’s tenth birthday. Where the fuck did the time go? Wasn’t he just born the other day? Time, for a parent, really does fly. One day I’m heating baby bottles in the middle of the night and the next (last night) I find Rio making his very first “to-do” list with his new fountain pen.

Back when he was born, we were still in the photo lab businesses. There’s no photo lab businesses anymore, of course. Photo labs, and the film that fed them, are all but extinct. Anyway, back in the day, customers sent us film in all kinds of crazy containers, so when an aluminum Cuban Romeo y Juelieta cigar tube came in the mail I didn’t give it any thought whatsoever. I unscrewed the cap and, instead of 35mm film canisters, out slid… a cigar! Holy crap. A genuine (and highly illegal) Cuban cigar!

Of course, the thing to do is to smoke your cigar on the day your son is born. But that turned out to be a rather hellish day, as did the weeks and months to follow. The cigar, re-sealed in its tube, languished in the butter compartment of our fridge for the next decade.

Today, I intend to smoke it. While I work on a why-you-should-quit-smoking article for dLife.

(I think I might have mentioned that I’m a better tour guide than role model.)

Tonight, I’m pre-inserting a Med-T Sof-Sensor in my leg. Letting it get a head start. Letting it get well-soaked in interstitial fluid. Letting the agitated insertion site settle back down. Getting ready to fire up mySentry tomorrow.

Barbie comes tomorrow at twelve-thirty to train me on the box of gear. I’ll tell you all about it tomorrow, but first a look back at the last decade:


Anonymous Casabby said...

Congratulations to the proud father and the "grown-up" 10-year old son. You're right that the years just fly by.

I was catching up on blog-reading this morning and started the day with George's Tuesday post about how much he still misses his father 20 years after his death. Somehow these two posts mesh together as a reminder of "the circle of life".

Looking forward to following your My Sentry journey. I don't quite understand the benefit for an adult as opposed to the parent of a child. But I'm sure I'll learn something.

11:02 AM  
Blogger Michael Hoskins said...

This is great, Wil. Congrats on being a dad for a decade now. Absolutely love the irony of cigar-smoking and no-smoking article writing - that's pretty darn classic right there. Looking forward, too, to the MySentry journey you're starting soon!

12:55 PM  

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